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simple social media & Creative Solutions

The average digital consumer has 8 social media accounts all being facilitated by smartphones!

Social Media can improve sales, but it’s also about building brand awareness and brand engagement.  It’s a great way to help you get an understanding of your audience and to build a relationship with them.  If you start seeing Social Media as a way to connect to your customers instead of a way to pitch to them, it can transform your brand.

By blending branded entertaining content, business relevant information/news, industry educational content and advertising content several times a week you can improve your social media presence, brand awareness and brand loyalty. 

Improving engagement and creating content can take a lot of effort.  Small businesses can spend up to 6 hours a week on social media and content creation, that’s the equivalent of a working day!

Social Media Bundles

A lot of small businesses fall into the habit of thinking that social media is a platform to SELL to everyone. Their pages are full or promotional posts with no engagement. But social media isn't about selling, it's about ...being social! It's about building a community full of your people who love what you do, building relationships, engaging with your audience to give them more that just the hard sell. People buy people so instead of looking at social media as a way to pitch to them, look at it as a way to connect with them.

By The Hour

Most works are carried out under one of my packages however sometimes things just crop up and if I can help then I'm happy to support you when I can.

Project Work

If you have a specific project in mind or require the designing of marketing materials then please get in touch to discuss.

Social Media Support

With all the best will in the world you can not be on every social media platform and posting every second of the day.  It is just not physically possibly.

I’m a big believer in mastering 2/3 social media platforms and as long as your post a varied range of content, consistently (this does not have to mean continuously) then you will find and build your audience.

I offer a range of packages to suit your budget, time and creative skills.


Simple Social Media Solutions

The Genie Template Shop has a range of done-for-you Canva template packages.

Perfect for any business owner with limited time, creativity and resources.

These done-for-you templates are complete amendable using the FREE version of Canva.  Change everything from colour, images, fonts, text and graphics to suit your brand and industry. Simple social media solution.

Excellent solution for those business owners  who can’t afford a social media manger but are overwhelmed with trying to create content and fed up of social media sapping their time.

The Content Club is a monthly digital subscription.  Each month you receive a planner full of content ideas, trackers, logs and also comes with a selection of ‘done-for-you’ templates each month.  Making your social media quick, simple and affordable.  Includes a monthly ‘Content Clinic’.

For just £80 you can have your own set of 20 square (or story sized) bespoke, branded, scroll-stopping graphics ready for you to schedule and create your own content.

Perfect for any business owner who is not interested in learned Canva but still wants to control their schedule.

You can have this package monthly along with recommended observation days and content ideas.

Full Management Packages

Starting from as little as £150 per month I will take care of everything.  I will create branded, scroll-stopping graphics, the content and do all the scheduling.  

Perfect for busy business owners who really don’t have the creativity or time to focus on social media but know it’s important to their business image and brand to have an online presence. 

All you have to do is engage with your audience.

Management packages

additional hourly rate


per hour

My hourly rate is charge for any additional works that are not included in any package you purchase such as:

  • Additional Zoom/Phone Calls
  • Excessive Project Amendments
  • Additional Social Media Posts
  • Etc

I can also support with mailerlite, activecampaign, kartra, membervault etc.

Prefer to chat about it ?

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The Admin Genie wouldn’t be able to offer the specialist social media and sales funnel support without the two platforms we can now proudly say we are affiliate partners with.

My Amazing Clients

I can’t get over the difference Siân has made to my business. There’s the time she saves me so I’m not messing about with things I’m not very good at, and then there’s the creative genius. I have a vague idea and Siân turns it into something beautiful and usable. She has expertly guided me through how to make the most of social media and digital marketing, saving me hundreds of £s and many hours of tears. If you are not using Siân’s talents, do it, you won’t regret it.
"Siân has the skill, ability and patience to turn your ideas into something eye catching, and for me aligned to my existing branding. More importantly she provided me with such good insight and advice on my current activities, and she went above and beyond."