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June Content Ideas

By Siân Morgan-Owen, The Admin Genie UK

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase. I only recommend products I love.

June Content Ideas

June is full of a variety of awareness, themes and fun days that can be tweaked to suit your industry.

In addition to your normal ‘go to’ content buckets – educational, inspirational etc.  Awareness themes and causes are another great way to inspire your audience and promote who your are and what you do, across your social media platforms, email marketing, blogs and promotions.

June Monthly Theme/Causes

  • LGBTQIA Pride Month
  • Candy Month
  • International Men’s Health Month

June Weekly Theme/Causes

  • May 31st – June 6th – Garden Wildlife Week (UK)
  • 7th – 14th – International Aromatherapy Awareness Week
  • 7th – 13th – Coaching Week (UK)
  • 14th – 20th – International Nutrition and Hydration Week
  • 21st – 30th – World Wellbeing Week

June Holiday and Observation Days

  • 1st – Global Parents Day
  • 4th – National Fish & Chip Day (UK)
  • 4th – Hug your Cat Day
  • 5th – World Environment Day
  • 6th – Cancer Survivors Day
  • 8th – World Ocean’s Day
  • 12th – World Gin Day
  • 12th – Queen’s (second) birthday (UK)
  • 16th – World Refill Day
  • 18th – International Picnic Day
  • 20th – Father’s Day (UK)
  • 20th – June/Summer (Northern Hemisphere) Solstice.
  • 21st – Bring your dog to work day.
  • 23rd – International Widow’s Day
  • 25th – Leon Day (USA) a day to make half-way to Christmas
  • 27th – International Sunglasses Day

Keep it Relevant or MAKE it Relevant

If you are using an awareness/observation date across your digital platforms then make it relevant to your business.

If you provide a service or product that improves peoples mental or physical health then ‘Wellbeing Week’ is a perfect opportunity for you.  But look out for those themes that can be adapted to fit your business.

For instance, if you ran a dog charity you would think there is no point in a post/blog/campaign about Men’s Health Month!  But what if the post was about ‘mans best friend’ and how having a dog reduces stress and increases exercise.  Now it’s relevant!  This would also fit for ‘Wellbeing Week.’

Summer Solstice is a perfect time to launch a summer offer or summer collection.  World Environment Day is a great way to tell people what you do in your business to protect the environment and increase sustainability.

International Sunglasses Day can be a ‘behind the scenes’ shot of you, staff or your pet (if you’re a solopreneur) wearing sunglasses.

You can also use these dates to show your audience a passion of yours, or a cause close to your heart.  Another side of you that helps your audience to identify with you. 

I have a client who is a financial coach specialising in women going through financial transition.  She loves cats and is a HUGE advocate for women’s mental and physical health.  On ‘Hug Your Cat Day’ there will be an image of her cat and the benefits of owning a cat.

If you’re a dog lover then ‘Bring your Dog to Work Day’ is a perfect day to show everyone.  If you’re passionate about gin then take a pic of your gin collection for ‘World Gin Day.’

If there’s a day that resonates with you and your industry but it’s observed in another country, then spotlight that. 


Utilise awareness/observation dates where you can to promote your product/service, create a giveaway/competition, tell a story or give a little insight into who YOU are.