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Ladypreneurs of Staffordshire

03 Jul 2020 | BY AdminGenie

I started The Admin Genie because I love helping people so in June 2020 I was inspired to start a Facebook group called Ladypreneurs of Staffordshire.  The idea came to me after weeeeeeeks of lockdown and limited interaction with others.  I love my daughter (who is a young adult) to bits and she’s a great sounding board but sometimes you just need a little more.

I’ve said it on numerous occasions, it can be very lonely running your own business, and sometime all you need are a few like minded individuals to bounce off and chat to.

I started with Staffordshire, because it’s where I live but I am planning on casting the net wider to any ladies who own a business or part of a business.  The idea is to create a safe place for ladies to share inspirational stories, ask questions, find support (both business and personal), forge friendships and working collaborations.

Size really doesn’t matter!

I doesn’t matter whether you employ a handful of people or your business is just you and a duster, everyone has something to contribute and hopefully to also get out of it.

When women support each other incredible things happen!

Come and join us and share your stories, your success and concerns.

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