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Outsourcing? Get The Biggest Bang For Your Money

20 Jul 2020 | BY AdminGenie


Hi and welcome to my ‘Secret Weapon’ series.  You may have caught my previous blogs ‘Every Small Business Owners Secret Weapon and ‘Time to Light the Fuse‘ but don’t worry if you haven’t, you can catch them here. 🙂  This time we’re looking at getting ‘The Biggest Bang’ from you’re VA (Virtual Assistant).  How to make sure outsourcing works for you.

As I previously mentioned in Time to Light the Fuse you need to prepare before you appoint a VA.  Most VA’s have an hourly rate, a package rate and/or a project rate, which rate will suit your requirements really depends on what you want to outsource.

For general admin, regular works I would recommend an hourly rate, either per hour or a monthly hour bundle.  For social media management I have three separate scale packages so you can choose what level of service is suitable for your business needs and budget.  For one off project work i.e. leaflet design, business card creating, document creating etc I would work out a project rate.

This is why it’s important for you to decide what you are outsourcing and what you want from your VA.  If you’re thinking about regular hours and a variety of tasks, then initially finding out what a VA’s basic hourly rate is and as with any quotes, get around two or three so you can compare.

In the beginning!

Start off by compiling a list, this list can start in many ways:

  • All the daily tasks you need to achieve in a day.
  • All the mundane tasks you hate doing.
  • All the tasks you know should be done but you’re not getting around to doing.
  • All the tasks you love to do.
  • All the tasks you have to do that stop you doing what you want to do.

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Once you start creating this list it should soon become apparently what sort of tasks you can think about outsourcing.

However, if you’re still struggling check out this list of tasks you could potentially outsource to your VA.  Are they on your list?

Outsourcing Ideas!

  1. Social Media: In today’s world social media has become a vital tool to spread the word about your brand (company) and engage with your customer. However, with time restraints and the growing number of platforms this is almost a full time job.  Not to mention the hours sitting staring at your screen trying to think of tweets, snaps and posts.  A virtual assistant can create, plan and schedule on your behalf.
  2. Content Creation: This isn’t just about what to put out on your social media platforms this about blogs, newsletters, online events and bringing it all together with your social media program and digital marketing strategy.
  3. Online Research: Outsource your internet research to a Virtual Assistant. It could be finding information on competitors websites, compiling lists of potential marketing targets (please be GDPR aware), exploring new products, researching new contacts.  They can even research business relevant articles and news reports to help form content as part of your digital marketing strategy.
  4. Website Management: Websites are becoming a lot more user friendly so why not get your Virtual Assistant to keep you website updated with new content helping boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimiser).
  5. Data Presentations: Get your notes turned into clear and branded PowerPoint presentation or a Word document report.
  6. Marketing Materials: There are so many apps out there now that make creating leaflets, brochures, flyers, gift certificates etc super easy that it’s no longer necessary to employ a graphic designer to create your marketing materials.  Your Virtual Assistant can probably create a complete range of branded materials and get them printed and delivered to you in a matter of days.
  7. Finance Management: Virtual Assistants can not do your bookkeeping in the UK unless they have the relevant anti-money laundering certification however they can help manage your finances by assisting with budgeting, reporting, keeping track of expenses, and income making your finances as transparent as possible in preparation for you accountant.
  8. CRM System/Database: Keeping your CRM system current is a chore for any business so why not give all those new contact cards you picked up at the last networking event to your Virtual Assistant to enter. Ask them to update any existing contact information at the same time.
  9. Managing Emails: Stop wasting time in your inbox, a Virtual Assistant will filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf, whilst deleting those spam/junk email that manage to get through. Email management can be done remotely, but you need to provide direction on how to pick out key emails, it maybe worth asking your Virtual Assistant to copy you in before sending out any responses to minimise the risk of errors.
  10. Chasing Business: Finding potential business opportunities can be challenging, but a Virtual Assistant can help with the process. Virtual Assistants can research the internet to produce potential lead lists (be aware of GDPR especially if you’re a B2C business).
  11. Industry Knowledge Preparation: With limited time it’s difficult to keep up with industry news, some small businesses have ask a Virtual Assistant to keep track on the most important news. You could then collate information to update your Twitter feed, create a LinkedIn post, blogs or start conversations in social media groups with customers.
  12. Social Tasks: Don’t waste you precious time on the social chores like Christmas card writing, sending thank you notes or asking for testimonials. Maybe your Virtual Assistant could also create you a bespoke Christmas card to send out to clients or family.
  13. Travel Research: Virtual Assistants can spend time finding hotels, booking flights and mapping out trip itineraries both for business and pleasure.

Admin Genie - Outsourcing

What is your time worth?

Once you’ve got a list of potential transferable tasks it’s time to determine if outsourcing is viable.  If your bullet points are a list of tasks you just don’t want to do at all then I would skip straight to the ‘Hire a Virtual Assistant’ step and miss this next part.

Give some thought to what your time is worth. If you provide a service what do you charge your customers for your time or if you produce a product are you the only one that can produce it.  It doesn’t have to be precise but give yourself an hourly rate.

Now look at the tasks on your list.  How long does it take you to create a months worth of website/social media/customer engagement content?  How long does it take you to deal with those daily admin tasks?  How long would it take you to create a budget plan, write a simple report, create a branded presentation or design a flyer?

The chances are your Virtual Assistant will have something knocked up before you’ve even found a suitable app/programme/software!

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So you know there’s no time like the present to start thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, you’ve worked out what tasks they can initially take off your hands and you’ve got an idea how much time and money it’s actually going to save you in the long run.

So what are you waiting for?… Get outsourcing!

There are plenty of Virtual Assistants out there, to suit every budget.

You may want someone cheap and cheerful and it doesn’t matter where in the world they are based.  The Philippines is now the number 1 place to find Virtual Assistants due to the workforce being low cost but highly educated, and the language barrier isn’t general an issue.

You may want to support your local economy and choose someone closer to home.  Local VA’s you can meet in person and they can provide actual office support occasionally.  Being the only person in your small business can be quite lonely sometimes.  I have a long term client who is an extrovert and finds it very difficult to focus when she’s working on her own so we occasionally work together creating our own pop-up, micro-office environment.  If you type Virtual Assistant and your location into Google there should be a few that come up.  Or you could ask around in your networking groups or fellow small business owners if they can recommend anyone.  If I can help with your search then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

So good luck with your search and I hope your VA becomes a valued member of your team.

Thank you and if I can be of any help then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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