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Checkley Parish Council

09 Apr 2019 | BY AdminGenie

I have been the parish clerk to Checkley Parish Council since October 2014.  Prior to taking on the role the position had been vacant for a number of months and without any previous ‘parish clerk’ experience I was required to hit the ground running.

People assume that being the parish clerk it’s just about administration, however, there is so much more to being a parish clerk.

The parish council clerk is the ‘engine’ of an effective council.  They are the principal executive, the proper officer and at a small parish like Checkley also the financial officer.  Responsible for the administration, finances and advising, it is the clerks responsibility to give councillors clear guidance before decisions are made.  Even though sometimes the guidance may be unpalatable.

The clerk has to be able to engage at all levels with stakeholders such as higher government authorities, local police, local businesses/clubs/charities and the local community.

With pressure for parish councils to be totally transparent, more proactive and engaging, it’s becoming more and more of a requirement for clerks to be adverse in social media management, PR and website management.

Current/On Going Projects

These are projects being driven or supported by the Parish Council, heavily assistant by the clerk.

Keep checking back for more Checkley Parish Council projects.

Testimonial from Checkley Parish Council Councillors

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