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Local Election Campaign Leaflets

09 Apr 2019 | BY AdminGenie


In 2015 and 2019 I have been employed by several local election nomination candidates to create, design and produce their election campaign leaflets.  As with most of these kind of leaflets the brief is rather hazy at best as the candidate generally doesn’t really know what kind of leaflet they want, what the content should be or how it should look.

In 2015 I was requested to produce three election campaign leaflets.  All three candidates secured their seats on the council.

2019 was an interesting campaign with seven leaflet requests from parish council and district council candidates.  As all campaign costs come out of the candidates own pocket my first suggestion was for a couple of them to buddy up and reduce their printing costs.

Other challenges included:

  • The increase of nominees wanting to run as independent candidates made finding colour schemes that were not affiliated to a party a little problematic.
  • As quite a few of the candidates were running for the same seats confidentiality was key to ensure nobody knew who’s leaflet I was producing.
  • Ensuring five very different leaflet so they didn’t look like they had been produced by the same person.
  • Providing a quick turnaround as most candidates had not realised that postal votes are submitted at least three weeks before the election date.

All candidates received their leaflets in plenty of time with most coming back for extra leaflets, posters and even other work.

“Siân has done a fantastic job of my leaflet and posters and now I’m aware of what she can do and what her other services are I have a list of projects she can take on for me.”

Cllr Pete Wilkinson, Owner of The Raddle Inn, also District and Parish Councillor.