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The Food Safety Company

09 Apr 2019 | BY AdminGenie

The Genie and The Food Safety Company

The Food Safety Company was one of my first clients when I started The Admin Genie in 2014.  Both myself and Christina (owner) were brand new businesses owners.  This was beneficial as we were both finding our way and on a voyage of discovery together, however, it did pose other difficulties.  Working so closely with someone, helping them build and develop their business, you quickly begin to share their passion for what they do.  It then becomes very easy to focus your attentions on their business whilst forgetting you are actually a business yourself.

Christina is still one of my treasured clients today and I take care of a variety of tasks from general, financial and personal administration to marketing support.

Its great to have been an integral part of the development and growth of Christina’s company.

Food Safety Company Testimonial