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Selling with Integrity

You’re not selling, you’re helping!

By Siân Morgan-Owen, The Admin Genie UK

How many times do you hear ‘people buy people’?  This is because it’s true, and there is a huge difference between being a salesperson and positioning yourself as a trusted advisor.

We are all doing what we do because we’d like to make money, but as a business owner there is a huge responsibility that comes with taking someone’s money, regardless of the ticket value. 

You should only sell to people if you believe that what you are offering can truly help them. If at anytime you are selling to someone just purely for the money then you need to ask yourself ‘is this best practice and what I’m about?’

How many people have looked at a friends posts and ‘assumed’ they are living their best life because of what they put on Facebook?  Unfortunately this is the same of some marketing strategies.  They feel the need to fabricate about what they do and what pain point they fix.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sparkly, attractive marketing, of course, but there is no need for complete fabrication and fibs.  You won’t lose 20lbs in two days and you won’t make 7 figures in a fortnight.

If you struggle with selling then don’t hamper yourself further by suffering with comparitinitus as well.  Don’t compare yourself to other businesses and put yourself under added pressure by assuming everyone else is selling out and you are inadequate.

A great way to look at selling is to remind yourself you are providing a solution to a problem.  You have a gift, and it would be unfair to keep that gift to yourself.  You need to share this gift with others and fix their problem. Turn selling into helping.