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Every Small Business Owners Secret Weapon

06 Jul 2020 | BY AdminGenie


Every Small Business Owners Secret Weapon - The Admin Genie UK

If you still haven’t discovered what every small business owners secret weapon is, then stay with me! 🙂

Setting up and running a small business can be extremely rewarding, being your own boss, setting your own timetable and of course selling a product/service that you love.  However, after a short time of running your own business you soon realise there’s so much more to it than just doing what you love.  Before you know it you’re spending more time on your business than in your business.

Maybe you’re creative and you spend more time managing your receipts and spreadsheets rather than creating new ideas and products.  Or you’re an expert in your field but the science of social media is beyond you.  Maybe you love helping people develop their potential as a life coach, trainer, therapist but you don’t know where to start with your branding and marketing.  Or a tradesperson who constantly forgets to send out the invoices when the jobs complete.

Everyone sets up their own business for their own reasons but I can guarantee that you have a list of mundane jobs you hate and avoid like the plague.  This is because you’ve ignored the task for that long it’s now overwhelming, or you’re baffled by the technology, or it’s that boring it simply sucks the life out of your soul.  It’s OK, we’ve all got them, and we all let them hang around like a bad smell.

You don’t have to though…..because every small business owners secret weapon is…

Business Owners Secret Weapon

…A VA!…A What???

A Virtual Assistant (usually abbreviated to a VA, also known as a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical and/or creative support to clients remotely from their home.

Quite Simply – Remote Office Support!

The beauty of them being self-employed and working remotely is…you don’t have any of the employee overheads, you don’t have to find office space and generally there’s no major equipment costs.

Why hire a VA?

A Virtual Assistant is an associate that can take care of all those administrative tasks that distract you or you just don’t want to do.   They will do an excellent job because this is their business, their livelihood.  They want you to keep coming back to them and share with others the fabulous service you receive.

A VA/Remote Office Associate:

  • Creates more time so you can concentrate on growing your business and being able to spend time ON your business instead of IN your business.
  • You don’t have the costs and stress of having a permanent employee – PAYE, NIC, SSP, holiday pay, maternity pay, pension scheme etc.
  • No need to find office space, buy office equipment and you could even reduce the price you pay for support services.
  • They have skills you may not have and don’t have the time to learn, so therefore they can complete tasks in half the time.
  • No recruitment fees and no employee training fees.
  • Your project remains on schedule without having to pay overtime costs.
  • You don’t have the worry about having enough work to keep them going. They work around your schedule and provide a service when you need it,

All of these benefits are ideal for a small business, start-up or solopreneur, making them a small business owners secret weapon!

Some VA’s specialise in niche areas like administrative support, financial administrative support, digital marketing, social media, project management, event management etc.  Some even specialist further by sector i.e. retail, health and safety, medical etc.

Small businesses use this to their benefit by having a cross-section of VA’s on their books so they can match the most suitable VA to the specific project, ensuring they get maximum value for money.

Come back to find out when is the right time to implement your secret weapon and what your secret weapon can do to take the pressure off you.

Thank you and feel free to get in touch if you want to know more.

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